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Homeless Our Appeal

It amazes me how someone who has nothing actually has everything and how people who have everything actually have nothing. Am I the only person who can see that?

I don’t have much but the love that surrounds me is more than the wealthiest person on Gods green earth.

I am lucky to have a home and a family. Many on the streets have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Every week we try to do our best to help with food, clothing, toiletries, befriending and signposting, however it is not enough. Every week we also hand out sleeping bags, tents and gorund mats but we never have enough.

It breaks my heart to know that even though we are doing our best that we still have to turn people away because we do not have enough food or toiletries or tents etc. We have a group called Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading.








Today I went to The Way Ministry in Coley to help with their Christmas dinner for those who are homeless and in need. The event was amazing from start to finish. I saw many faces from Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading volunteers and people we help and some from Bridge Hall and some from The Way Ministry.

I felt truly blessed that Grace and Joe allowed me to be apart of their wonderful team. The dinner was lovely everyone left full and had a Christmas present and we also had a raffle. No one left without a gift. Its times like this that remind me how many vulnerable people we have in Reading.

Two years ago when I was in a bad place I wish I knew about the places I know about now. The likes of Bridge Hall, The Way Ministry, The Soup Run, CIRDIC and so many other organisations that help the needy. I struggled and life was very tight. We are through that now I am I so blest that I am in a position to help people and give a little back.

When we got home we took a massive food parcel and clothing to a lady in need who also helps two other families. This time of year where the majority of the world are getting ready for the one big day and overspending on food drinks and presents, decorating their trees and homes, It reminds me how delicate life can be one year your having the time of your life with family and friends and the following year you could be one of the people we help and your family and friends are nowhere to be seen.

The Giving Tree use to be a big part of my life every year I would take a card from the tree and purchase a suitable present for that card, two years ago the cards had gifts already wanted by the children but I could not afford to buy that gift. Now I give back the only way I know how. Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading is a big part of my life now. Every week I love what I do but then sometimes we run out of food or toiletries and that one thing that I can’t give back brings me on a downer. This Wednesday is our last normal donation donating day as the following week we will be handing out special Christmas Parcels which I can not wait for, it can’t come soon enough.


Being Homeless


When I left home I moved into a hostel in slough called SYPHA which stood for

Sloughs Young Persons Housing Association. I was having a great time, I finally

was out of an abusive household and I could live a life leaving the trauma behind

me. In those days it was unheard of, Asian girls running away from home but I had to

do what I felt was the right thing for me.

While I was staying at the hostel, one of the residents was chucked out because

they were not adhering to the rules. As it had been snowing I could not leave my

friend to stay out in the cold so I stupidly sneaked them in. Anyway to cut the

story short, another resident spilt the beans, leaving me and my friend out in the


That is when I knew never to trust or rely on anyone and at the end of the day

I was on my own. I had a few bags of clothes and the shoes I was wearing and

an adventure ahead of me so I thought. I was so wrong

The ground was white, the air was frosty and the sky was blue however my heart

black with icicles stabbing at my hands and feet. I spent my first night in the

doorway of a shop in the High Street. I was so cold and my hands and feet were

freezing luckily I had a few pounds on me so I was able to feed myself for a

couple of days.

On my fourth day I had run out of money so I did what I had to do. I walked

into Marks and Spencers in Queensmere, with my heart pounding and trying not

to look inconspicuous. I looked around for any sign of the security guards and

stuffed some meat pies down my coat and quickly made my getaway. I took

myself off to the car park at the end of the High Street where I was now sleeping

and had left my bags with all my belongings. I ate my pie as if it was the best

food I had ever tasted.


Over the next few days I would go into shops stealing food and cosmetics. The

food I ate and the cosmetics I would go into pubs and sell them to anybody.

I would use the money to buy hash and I would smoke away my troubles and my

nightmares away. I could not see a way out from my predicament and at times I

thought go home but I knew that was not a real option. I had shamed my family’s

honour and that there was no way back. I met a young man called Stuart who

had been on the streets but was now living with his girlfriend in Dedworth in

Windsor. He said I could stay with them but I would need to sleep on the floor. I

accepted the kind offer but after a few days I left and walked from Windsor back

to the car park. I felt safer in the car park than I did round their flat.

I carried on stealing and went into a shop and grabbed anything I could as I

knew there was always someone who would buy what I had stolen. All I needed

was to make £5 a day for drugs and food, that is all I needed to survive another

night in the cold. After a while I was arrested coming out of a shop and that

was the turning point in my life.