Not a happy cat today. On our way to the Metro Bank to take a whole car load of donations we have collected from 23 Toiletry bags which had everything from antiseptic wipes to toilet paper to biscuits. We were going round the roundabout which was where the old Battle Inn Pub use to be and all of a sudden I started screaming because hot water was pouring from the 5 litre airpot. What had happened was the flask on top of the airpot slide the open button and pressed the top of the airpot and poured out the hot water. Bless Kaff  she didn’t know what I was screaming about. She stopped the car in the middle of the  roundabout and quickly took my trainer and sock off. The damage was not good but then again it could of been worse.

We parked outside argos as I wanted to take all the donations we coĺlected and hand them out with Grace Sharleen and Michael and say hello to my guys. That’s all I was trying to focus on but my foot had other ideas. I was deluding myself that I could manage the donations and then go to A&E. Therese, Grace and Kaff all said I should go and I asked Kaff if she could take me.

The pain was and is unreal. The nurse was lovely even when I was swearing (not too much). They bandaged me up and there were so amazing.  I have 2nd degree burns so i was very blessed as  I said it could of been worse. I am truly gutted for letting the team down and missing everyone today.

It will be up to two to four weeks when I will hopefully have this bandage off or even sooner God willing. I said to Kaff in the car that it’s most probably God telling me to rest otherwise I would stI’ll be going ten to the dozen.

Christmas will be trying especially as i can’t put all the decorations up or do everything I had planned from mopping the floor to cleaning the window sills. I hope the pain eases in the next few days.





Today I went to The Way Ministry in Coley to help with their Christmas dinner for those who are homeless and in need. The event was amazing from start to finish. I saw many faces from Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading volunteers and people we help and some from Bridge Hall and some from The Way Ministry.

I felt truly blessed that Grace and Joe allowed me to be apart of their wonderful team. The dinner was lovely everyone left full and had a Christmas present and we also had a raffle. No one left without a gift. Its times like this that remind me how many vulnerable people we have in Reading.

Two years ago when I was in a bad place I wish I knew about the places I know about now. The likes of Bridge Hall, The Way Ministry, The Soup Run, CIRDIC and so many other organisations that help the needy. I struggled and life was very tight. We are through that now I am I so blest that I am in a position to help people and give a little back.

When we got home we took a massive food parcel and clothing to a lady in need who also helps two other families. This time of year where the majority of the world are getting ready for the one big day and overspending on food drinks and presents, decorating their trees and homes, It reminds me how delicate life can be one year your having the time of your life with family and friends and the following year you could be one of the people we help and your family and friends are nowhere to be seen.

The Giving Tree use to be a big part of my life every year I would take a card from the tree and purchase a suitable present for that card, two years ago the cards had gifts already wanted by the children but I could not afford to buy that gift. Now I give back the only way I know how. Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading is a big part of my life now. Every week I love what I do but then sometimes we run out of food or toiletries and that one thing that I can’t give back brings me on a downer. This Wednesday is our last normal donation donating day as the following week we will be handing out special Christmas Parcels which I can not wait for, it can’t come soon enough.


I’m a prize PLUM

I have been really organised this weekend.
Cleaned my kitchen.
Got the hallway shelving sorted
Got washing done
Made a delicious Ginger and Lemon Chicken roast dinner.
Got everything ready for Wednesday
Giant bag of mens shoes sorted
Bags of hats gloves hats and socks sorted
Hot drinks bag sorted
Mens coats sorted
Sleeping bags sorted
Dog food sorted
3 bags of clothes for Michael to collect to take to a charity shop or the Salvation Army.
Made myself a cuppa and thought time to watch Total Divas but I could not find the remote control.                                                                                                                                                             GGGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I had to go through every bag and I hunted high and low. Rummaged in the kitchen, in the fridge then the freezer. I asked Ethan to help me and he couldn’t find it either. Then I had the worst thought ever, what if it is in the washing machine. Anyway after over an hour and a half looking for it I was about to cry as I took the big shopping out and move it out the way when……………… guess what…………………YES………….You guessed it. There it was lying on top of the crisps.
That will teach me to organise the house.

15 Years Single

Every year for my silly new Years resolution I say to myself by next Christmas I will be dating and maybe even married. I have been saying that for the last three years and still not even a date. Now I know for me to meet someone I need to go out and be adventurous and also brave through my anxieties and panic of crowds and noise and the awkwardness of being a larger woman. As much as I try to be happy within my own skin which has doubled since having my son I find that being a size 8 to now being a size 20 has left me scarred internally. I am trying to lose weight but I give in to the demons of snacking especially like now and its silly o’clock. It is 1.35am and I am wide awake. I have just finished sorting out the shelving in the hallway for donations of toiletries. Mopped the kitchen floor YAYAYAYAY and still wide awake. It does not help that I only took my night meds at 11.30pm but I was hoping that doing housework would have made me tired unfortunately it is having the opposite effect.

Anyway back to being single. I have taken a very low dip in confidence and my ability to believe that I am worthy of love and affection has been a struggle. I do not want this to sound big-headed but if anyone is worth being loved it is me. I know my family love me, my son loves me, and friends like me and most of all, God all mighty loves me. I just wish sometimes I loved me. I know I have had all the therapy in the world, I have cried for my inner child and held my inner child while she sobs her little heart out. At one time I really did love the person I was but now its different I am different. I have all the confidence in the world when I help people or need to do a course or interview people but when it comes to men I have zero confidence.

Men and me do not get on but I know there is someone out there for me, well I do sometimes. In the past if a man came up to me when I was out with the girls my instant  words  were and I quote ” Fuck off I am not interested” or if any men came over to chat to my friend up my words were “Fuck off it’s a girls night out” because of this my friends use to call me bulldog lol. Now I never ever knew that my friends actually wanted to be chatted up but for me a girls night is exactly that a girls night. I found out only a few years back that some of my friends did not want to go out with me because I would scare the men away. So with that I decided to change, only problem is with that became the insecurities of conviction. I am now a loner and spend my time not wanting to go out, cancelling my friends invitations and so forth.

Now do not get me wrong I have been to bingo, Art Therapy, The Engine Room. Oasis run by Norcot Mission Church and handing out donations. Now I can talk to anyone when it comes to Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading because it is not for me it’s for other people.

I can talk politely to men when it comes to donations etc but when it comes to actually trusting a man who is totally a different matter. I have looked back  on my life and have been thinking about the men’s jobs I use to have and how when I became an adult I surrounding myself with men. I have given that a lot of thought lately and I have come to the conclusion that I needed them to be around me so that I could see any danger coming from them. So that I felt like a man than a woman who way I would not get hurt. If They thought of me as one of the lads then they would not see that I wasn’t. I may not be making sense but I know what I mean.

I do not have those thoughts much now of which I am glad. I have become softer than the abrasive, angry, battered, cold, pig-headed, evil person I use to be. It has been very hard to even let myself think that there could be someone out there who could handle me and actually want to be a part of my life.

I have started seeing men more of a friend status than someone who could be a threat to me and my safety. I have taken down a few platinum bricks and I know  I wont be able to get even a date before Christmas as the thought is still scary for me. It terrifies me to the point that I feel a panic attack coming along. Protecting my heart and self has bought its challenges but I know I will overcome them and be like most people and have a man who loves the bones of me.

On the UP


The last few weeks have been very tough on me mentally. I have had not so nice thoughts but they were thoughts and not actions, which at times has been challenging not to act upon them but I think of Ethan and I jut know I could not do it to him. He is my rock and so is my God.

I am finally on the up and my mind is racing ten to the dozen. I have too many thoughts whirling and twirling in my mind. So many ideas to help the homeless, what painting I will do next, doing major housework and the Christmas decorations and then there is the newspaper, Dee Park, Oak Tree House and the best job is spending time with Ethan.  I do miss that he does not need me as much now but we still snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie.  I do have a problem at times sometimes my body does not want to listen to my head and do what I want to. For instance take this evening my head is alive and I want to do some housework but my body is saying YOU GOTTA BE JOKING. So what will I do, write a blog.

I love this part of my mental health (I know its a gimme) especially my manic side. I’m filled with the joys of winter, the rustling of leaves, the rapid changes in the sky. The beauty of creation is outstanding and for me there is only one person to thank for that……….God. I am blessed that my life is a good life. I know I do not have my health  but I have one thing better than Health I have God. He is taking me to the place he wants me to be. I know where I am going now and thankfully I have met some amazing people who are well I will say it again AMAZING. I know I can not wait for tomorrow but I do need to sleep first which I can not see happening any time soon.

I am unable to know how long I will feel this way but I know tomorrow is going to be bright with a shower of smiles, comforting hugs, seasoned memories and glimmering giggles.



MYTHS (just a few)

1 People who talk about suicide are not serious about it and wont go through it.           People who kill themselves often talk about suicide. They have talked about their life being worthless and not being here.

2 Once someone has tried to commit suicide they rarely try again.                                     People who have tried to end their lives before are significantly more likely to eventually die by suicide than the rest of the population.

3 Talking about suicide makes people think about it and carry it out.                                Suicide is a taboo topic to chat about. People who are suicidal don’t like to worry people about their feelings. Helping people talk about suicide helps them to think about other ways to cope and talk.

4 Suicides mainly happen in the winter.                                                                                         There is a rise in suicidal deaths in the spring.

This has been a very tough few days. Wednesdays group just made me feel worse knowing that I am at high risk with all the facts and figures being spread on the wall. I do believe the this topic does need more work and research and funding. Their is a whole new world out there and each year life gets harder and harder. I keep thinking to myself maybe tomorrow I will be normal and then the next night I say to myself maybe tomorrow life will get easier, always hoping. Not every night but most nights I hope and pray.

One good thing about research is that men of a certain age are getting help and their is support out their for them. Also with new research comes new reports which go out to their various locations and you hope that the receiver will read them and say I need to do something to help. I know I am naïve and I think that people think like me and want to make this world a better place and protect the children, the elderly and the vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t always think this way however I have always wanted to better the community but I was not this passionate. As I have got older even though my inner thoughts may have shifted a little the need to help people and keep them alive is a thirst that is all consuming and when I cant help it makes me upset and annoyed.

Anyway back to the topic SUICIDE I have attempted to take my life from an early age. I still remember my first time. I waited for no one to be in the Kitchen and I got the stool and climbed to get to the shelf and I took the bottle of aspirin, in their white bottle and I thought I want to die and how much I hated how I was and my life. This will most probably come as a shock to my sisters. I too the bottle of aspirin one at a time at first with water and then a handful and just waited to die. I am not sure how much time later but I woke up and threw up then ran downstairs and puked up in the kitchen sink to my mums horror, as she was cooking. Anyway to cut it short I got the biggest telling off. Both my mum and dad shouting at me reminding me how stupid I was. I was 7 when I tried the first time and the 7th time I was 25. Anyway by the time I realised I was in Fairmile because I was a danger to myself I also realised I was still alive.

That was tough being locked in a room and having to be good to get to go out of my room then the ward and then off site. I felt a peace surround me but it was not real it was the meds they were giving me. Fairmile helped me realised that I should stop as God doesn’t want me dead yet otherwise I would of been with him. So I decided no more attempts and I needed therapy again but intense as I couldn’t live like this anymore. Bombarded with memories, thoughts, voices, smells and fear. It has not been an easy journey but anything worth having does not come easy. Life is not easy, being a single mum is not easy. Being Kinder is not easy, being in this body is not easy and it goes on and on.

Whilst I was having my 1st bout of intensive psychotherapy at Fairmile I made the choice to have 18 months 9-3.30pm five days a week. Boy oh boy that was a rough ride and the demons that appeared and I had to cope with the support of the other members called support. That was not easy. It took me months to ask for support but it took me weeks to want to give support. Whilst there I realised and learned about the aftermath of suicide. The destruction it leaves behind. The shattered pieces of those left behind to struggle to understand and cope with their loved ones suicide. That’s when I decided I would never try again for real and I haven’t which is an achievement. The achievement is having the thoughts of wanting to die and laughing in its face, well more like crying myself to sleep sometimes and at other times, working through the thoughts and turning those demon words into positive ones.  I don’t think people really know what is going on in loved ones heads and the demon thoughts they have. Always fighting to live and slaying memories and the demons within.

People never know what is really going on with me and sometimes I do not know what is going on with me, so how can I expect others to know how to help me when I am trying to figure out which therapeutic technique to use which will keep me going. The nights are the worst for me and not sleeping is not good either. The inner fights wounding my soul and I know I have God but why do I still struggle with my life and the pain I had to endure.

I have a wonderful son and he is my world but the truth is sometimes its hard to actually feel. Deep within the core of my being to think he loves me and wants me around. He is at an age where the thought of him needing me feels empty. But I know I would never want him to deal with the aftermath of my suicide. He keeps me alive and without him I know I would be dead in the gutter a long time ago. I spent a lot of my life on a destructive path of hatred for myself and how absolutely evil I was and on the flip side helping fundraise for some cause or another

Who I am now is because of the journey I had to walk on my own not knowing God was with me at my darkest hours and I had a lot of them in my life, too many to count and the tears still have not stopping flowing. Some tears of pain, some of hurt, some of loneliness, some of joy, some for the boy who stands before me and is truly a gift from God. I cry now for many reasons and I fight now to stay alive for my son. God gave me Ethan to live and through the him I have a love so rare that I do not understand parents that don’t love their children and hurt them in the ways that evil has a hold on them.

Life is so important and a gift and it is also a stoney road to walk alone so I grab at anything I can and doing good helps, but the feeling of helping doesn’t last and then I feel the urge to help again and again.

Feeding the Soul

What does feeding the soul mean to you?

For me its simple……….helping..

The joy I get when I have done something good is great. It is what makes me enjoy and even love helping people. It could be something as simple as getting up and giving up my seat on the bus or help out at a Sunday lunch group who feed the homeless with the food and ministry.

The joy of seeing someone feed and warm and have someone to talk to warms my heart, and I have a frostie heart most of the time. I do not think people really understand how much a smile or chat can save someone’s life or stop an injury on the bus. I know I would feel so guilty if a person feel on the bus and I could of prevented it. A simple gesture  is all it takes to feed my soul.


I admit for me it never lasts and I just feel the need to keep doing good.

Now a tricky part…………WHY!!!

Am I making up for lost time? That could be true. Life is very short and the older you get the faster life runs past me. Even when I was young I helped people but that was not from my free will, it was because I was told too. No it’s not that.

Have I done enough good deeds to get into Heaven?  No that’s not it either. I am a Christian and I know that Heaven is waiting for me when my God calls me home.

Am I making up for all the badness I have done? Maybe…………I was a right tear away, but it was ok I had good reason but still does not excuse the heartache I caused. That is I am assuming I caused heartache. I am assuming people were bothered about me or was it the family’s reputation they were bothered about. Now that is another story altogether. Now back to Feeding my Soul. The answer to that is a big fat NO I was not all bad when I was young and I had no morals not that it makes what I was like ok. I am at present trying to embrace my childhood because without the little me I would not be the big me that I am now.

Do I think doing good deeds makes me better than everyone? A BIG FAT NO. If I thought like that I would be a jackass and a horrid person. I have genuine friends which means I am a nice person.

Now the reason why I do good deeds is simply because………. I Can.!!! I have always tried to and now the fulfilment of one small good thing takes over and I feel full and happy knowing I (little old me) made a difference. I do not think that God put me on his green earth for nothing and what I went through was for nothing. I think at this moment I am where God wants me to be. I feel like what I do with Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading is where God wants me to be.



It’s a lifetime of hurt turned around, flipped upside down and gurgled inside out that has made this all possible. The strength God has given me and the sheer stubbornness of my I will survivor has bought forth an overwhelming desire to share my life with people. I have found a new way inside me just to help and not hurt or hinder. It is an unimaginable thirst which for me makes this world brighter clearer safer loving and livable.

Just had a thought about the  Miss Congeniality film where all the  women say World Peace. If only can you imagine a world without vengeance, violence, vindictiveness, victimization, vandalism. Oops not sure why I used all Vs, but imagine a blissful world. I know pie in the sky and all that. I am not stupid a world without badness means a world without goodness. Every good deed done from the heart and not for gain can make the difference between life and death.

Why not try to do something nice for someone today and if you like it maybe tomorrow and then the next day.