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Not a happy cat today. On our way to the Metro Bank to take a whole car load of donations we have collected from 23 Toiletry bags which had everything from antiseptic wipes to toilet paper to biscuits. We were going round the roundabout which was where the old Battle Inn Pub use to be and all of a sudden I started screaming because hot water was pouring from the 5 litre airpot. What had happened was the flask on top of the airpot slide the open button and pressed the top of the airpot and poured out the hot water. Bless Kaff  she didn’t know what I was screaming about. She stopped the car in the middle of the  roundabout and quickly took my trainer and sock off. The damage was not good but then again it could of been worse.

We parked outside argos as I wanted to take all the donations we coĺlected and hand them out with Grace Sharleen and Michael and say hello to my guys. That’s all I was trying to focus on but my foot had other ideas. I was deluding myself that I could manage the donations and then go to A&E. Therese, Grace and Kaff all said I should go and I asked Kaff if she could take me.

The pain was and is unreal. The nurse was lovely even when I was swearing (not too much). They bandaged me up and there were so amazing.  I have 2nd degree burns so i was very blessed as  I said it could of been worse. I am truly gutted for letting the team down and missing everyone today.

It will be up to two to four weeks when I will hopefully have this bandage off or even sooner God willing. I said to Kaff in the car that it’s most probably God telling me to rest otherwise I would stI’ll be going ten to the dozen.

Christmas will be trying especially as i can’t put all the decorations up or do everything I had planned from mopping the floor to cleaning the window sills. I hope the pain eases in the next few days.



It’s going to be a long night!!

Last night I found it difficult to sleep as I was worried I would not be able to wake up in the morning to catch the taxi arriving at my door at 9.00am. I was not allowed to miss it as it was going to take me to Oxford so I could do my NCTJ in Journalism.

Now as I finally dragged my carcass out of my pit and I did struggle to keep my eyes open and by mistake I stupidly took the wrong medicines. I accidentally took my night medicines instead of the morning ones. The problem  had been the night time ones, as you may have guessed by now help me to sleep. I would have spat them out if I had known but I only realised when I was putting them back in their resting place on top of the microwave.

9.10pm and the taxi was outside and there was nothing I could do I was already falling asleep. Luckily I had a lovely chatty driver who kept me awake until we got to a service station where I quickly brought a bottle of Lucozade original.

We arrived at Leys News in Oxford 30 minutes early and I had a quick chat to our amazing tutor Sarah and I knuckled down to work.  During the day I was at it hammer and tongs on the keyboard. I missed my ciggy buddy Richard leaving and two other ladies and nearly missed saying goodbye to everyone else. I could not believe how quickly the day went. Normally I am always gassing and today I went guns blazing and actually achieved a lot of work. The best part of the day for me was my feedback about Kicking the Bucket and also how my work on Dee Park News has improved ten fold.

Now as much as I have had an amazing day I am still awake at 1.12am with no signs of falling asleep. Good thing Supernatural is back on and a new Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Limitless and I also have Gone with the Wind that I can watch too.

I hate having scatty moments