I am a single mother and my son is now a teenager. My life is simple (not Really) I do my best to help my community. I am a volunteer editor and volunteer community journalist. Our community newspaper is called Dee Park News, I help produce the first issue 3 years ago with eight other volunteer journalists. I thoroughly enjoy the position I have been given and I have been lucky enough to interview some wonderful characters who live on Dee Park.

Who is Satty?
Now that is a question. If you asked my friends they may say I am a lovely person, have a good heart, caring, funny, good mother. Now that is not what I would say, I would say I love the colour orange and cats, I use to love drawing and painting and once had a painting in the Tate Modern Museum in London, I write poetry and have been published a couple of times. I enjoy reading and my favourite author is Torey Hayden. Ever since I was a child I remember watching all the old black and white films on BBC2 and to this day I still love watching films and my favourite film is Stir Crazy which I have seen over 50 times.
I am always trying to be a better person. trying to always be the best I can be as much as my health will allow. I would say I have always been in control and I hold up my hands YES I really do not like being told what to do and I am in the process of learing to give control to others but not too much.
I am a confident woman, maybe a bit too confident at times I can easily fit in anywhere when I am feeling 100%. There are times I feel out of my depth but these are far and few between.
Mother of a teenager
My son is my world and he gives me the strength to wake up each day and try and be a better person. When I became a mother I had no idea what to do so I chose to do ever type of parenting course that was made available to me and I am so glad I did I learnt so much and even though my son is a teenager I still use some of the skills I learnt.
My Blog
I have chosen to do a blog so that I can bring issues that are important to me and have a forum where I can speak my peace. I hope to bring issues of homelessness, motherhood, health and mental health issues to light. I hope you find my blog interesting and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog


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