I’m a prize PLUM

I have been really organised this weekend.
Cleaned my kitchen.
Got the hallway shelving sorted
Got washing done
Made a delicious Ginger and Lemon Chicken roast dinner.
Got everything ready for Wednesday
Giant bag of mens shoes sorted
Bags of hats gloves hats and socks sorted
Hot drinks bag sorted
Mens coats sorted
Sleeping bags sorted
Dog food sorted
3 bags of clothes for Michael to collect to take to a charity shop or the Salvation Army.
Made myself a cuppa and thought time to watch Total Divas but I could not find the remote control.                                                                                                                                                             GGGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I had to go through every bag and I hunted high and low. Rummaged in the kitchen, in the fridge then the freezer. I asked Ethan to help me and he couldn’t find it either. Then I had the worst thought ever, what if it is in the washing machine. Anyway after over an hour and a half looking for it I was about to cry as I took the big shopping out and move it out the way when……………… guess what…………………YES………….You guessed it. There it was lying on top of the crisps.
That will teach me to organise the house.

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