Feeding the Soul

What does feeding the soul mean to you?

For me its simple……….helping..

The joy I get when I have done something good is great. It is what makes me enjoy and even love helping people. It could be something as simple as getting up and giving up my seat on the bus or help out at a Sunday lunch group who feed the homeless with the food and ministry.

The joy of seeing someone feed and warm and have someone to talk to warms my heart, and I have a frostie heart most of the time. I do not think people really understand how much a smile or chat can save someone’s life or stop an injury on the bus. I know I would feel so guilty if a person feel on the bus and I could of prevented it. A simple gesture  is all it takes to feed my soul.


I admit for me it never lasts and I just feel the need to keep doing good.

Now a tricky part…………WHY!!!

Am I making up for lost time? That could be true. Life is very short and the older you get the faster life runs past me. Even when I was young I helped people but that was not from my free will, it was because I was told too. No it’s not that.

Have I done enough good deeds to get into Heaven?  No that’s not it either. I am a Christian and I know that Heaven is waiting for me when my God calls me home.

Am I making up for all the badness I have done? Maybe…………I was a right tear away, but it was ok I had good reason but still does not excuse the heartache I caused. That is I am assuming I caused heartache. I am assuming people were bothered about me or was it the family’s reputation they were bothered about. Now that is another story altogether. Now back to Feeding my Soul. The answer to that is a big fat NO I was not all bad when I was young and I had no morals not that it makes what I was like ok. I am at present trying to embrace my childhood because without the little me I would not be the big me that I am now.

Do I think doing good deeds makes me better than everyone? A BIG FAT NO. If I thought like that I would be a jackass and a horrid person. I have genuine friends which means I am a nice person.

Now the reason why I do good deeds is simply because………. I Can.!!! I have always tried to and now the fulfilment of one small good thing takes over and I feel full and happy knowing I (little old me) made a difference. I do not think that God put me on his green earth for nothing and what I went through was for nothing. I think at this moment I am where God wants me to be. I feel like what I do with Piaroo’s Wish Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable in Reading is where God wants me to be.



It’s a lifetime of hurt turned around, flipped upside down and gurgled inside out that has made this all possible. The strength God has given me and the sheer stubbornness of my I will survivor has bought forth an overwhelming desire to share my life with people. I have found a new way inside me just to help and not hurt or hinder. It is an unimaginable thirst which for me makes this world brighter clearer safer loving and livable.

Just had a thought about the  Miss Congeniality film where all the  women say World Peace. If only can you imagine a world without vengeance, violence, vindictiveness, victimization, vandalism. Oops not sure why I used all Vs, but imagine a blissful world. I know pie in the sky and all that. I am not stupid a world without badness means a world without goodness. Every good deed done from the heart and not for gain can make the difference between life and death.

Why not try to do something nice for someone today and if you like it maybe tomorrow and then the next day.



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