Phew I can breathe again. I can see a future of harmony with peace within and calmness. My body feels light and my shoulders do not feel so heavy.  The days ahead seem to be brighter, my friendships more open and life is a feather following the breeze of a whisper. The air cleaner the sun brighter and the nights cooler.

The fog is clearing and my mind is quiet. For me that means being happy. Suffering with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder can be physically and mentally exhausting and keeping paranoia at bay takes a whole lot of time everyday. I do not think there is a day gone by when I have had not to keep paranoid thoughts diffused. People do not realise just how much time I spend a day just dealing with my paranoia. There are times when I believe in my thoughts and I have to spend hours dissecting them to get to the truth.

Anyway I do not want to talk about that. I want to concentrate on the next few days and enjoy this time of cloudy clarity. I am looking forward to tomorrows Art Therapy even though it is not therapy it is a time for me to be Satty.  I so miss being creative and losing myself in whatever medium I use to pour emotions onto a blank canvas.

I am doing well with my Eat for Health losing 2 lb last week and cant wait to get on those scales but I do have to say I have been naughty went to a BBQ round my friends and had such a lovely time laughing and doing henna. Also looking forward to fingers crossed Bournemouth if there are spaces just need a day away from the stresses of my mental health and a day at the beach me and a good book. The sand between my toes and the sun.




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