Being Homeless


When I left home I moved into a hostel in slough called SYPHA which stood for

Sloughs Young Persons Housing Association. I was having a great time, I finally

was out of an abusive household and I could live a life leaving the trauma behind

me. In those days it was unheard of, Asian girls running away from home but I had to

do what I felt was the right thing for me.

While I was staying at the hostel, one of the residents was chucked out because

they were not adhering to the rules. As it had been snowing I could not leave my

friend to stay out in the cold so I stupidly sneaked them in. Anyway to cut the

story short, another resident spilt the beans, leaving me and my friend out in the


That is when I knew never to trust or rely on anyone and at the end of the day

I was on my own. I had a few bags of clothes and the shoes I was wearing and

an adventure ahead of me so I thought. I was so wrong

The ground was white, the air was frosty and the sky was blue however my heart

black with icicles stabbing at my hands and feet. I spent my first night in the

doorway of a shop in the High Street. I was so cold and my hands and feet were

freezing luckily I had a few pounds on me so I was able to feed myself for a

couple of days.

On my fourth day I had run out of money so I did what I had to do. I walked

into Marks and Spencers in Queensmere, with my heart pounding and trying not

to look inconspicuous. I looked around for any sign of the security guards and

stuffed some meat pies down my coat and quickly made my getaway. I took

myself off to the car park at the end of the High Street where I was now sleeping

and had left my bags with all my belongings. I ate my pie as if it was the best

food I had ever tasted.


Over the next few days I would go into shops stealing food and cosmetics. The

food I ate and the cosmetics I would go into pubs and sell them to anybody.

I would use the money to buy hash and I would smoke away my troubles and my

nightmares away. I could not see a way out from my predicament and at times I

thought go home but I knew that was not a real option. I had shamed my family’s

honour and that there was no way back. I met a young man called Stuart who

had been on the streets but was now living with his girlfriend in Dedworth in

Windsor. He said I could stay with them but I would need to sleep on the floor. I

accepted the kind offer but after a few days I left and walked from Windsor back

to the car park. I felt safer in the car park than I did round their flat.

I carried on stealing and went into a shop and grabbed anything I could as I

knew there was always someone who would buy what I had stolen. All I needed

was to make £5 a day for drugs and food, that is all I needed to survive another

night in the cold. After a while I was arrested coming out of a shop and that

was the turning point in my life.



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