Art Therapy

Last Monday Art Therapy came to Dee Park and I was not going to go but I did not want to let Tina down. I am so glad I did go it gave me space for me. It took me back to when I use to love art. Just me a pencil and paper. I have always enjoyed art but never seem to have time to be creative. It was peaceful even though everyone was chatting and getting to know one another. It was blissful and calming. I am going to attend all 10 weeks and take my time to produce the inner demon in me. The darkness that clouds my thoughts and crumbles my memory and trashes my identity.

I looked up on several occasions and my fellow artists were adorning their clean white paper with oranges, reds, blues, yellows and pinks. I however had a 7b pencil. I wonder what the finished product will be, how my pencil will glide and shade along the paper.

One thing I want to say is, if you use to write, draw, sing, dance or whatever creative medium was your peace that kept those crushing thoughts at bay and made you feel alive then get back on that horse and find your spark. I have and I want you to join me.

It is time to wake up!!!


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