I was shopping at Sainsbury’s Calcot store this evening and I could not believe my eyes there flying around was this pigeon. I know the majority of people do not like them but I actually do. Anyway the pigeon was flapping around the store and went to the far end which I think was the electric department. The pigeon who I have named Rogue could not find his nectar card so then he headed towards the bakery.


Rogue shopping in Sainsbury@s


The store security guard came over to the bakery and flittered around for 5 minutes or so. He tried to shoo him away which for me was hilarious. All Rogue wanted to do was come in from the cold weather and do some shopping. Now on a serious not the store announced that they had shut the doors and had not explained why, which for me was wrong, especially as most of the shoppers were oblivious to the flying grey beast over their heads.

Now here lies my question to you. What should  Sainsbury’s  have done.

Should they have announced why their closed the doors?

Should they have sold the fresh goods that Rogue flew over?

Should they have closed the whole store and concentrate on catching Rogue instead of catching the money?

Should they have asked for someone to come out straight away instead of wait until 11pm?

Tell me what you think????


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