Empty Prams

I was on the bus the other day when a lady came on the bus with her daughter in the pram. She them proceeded to take her daughter out of the pram and they went and sat at the back of the bus. At the next stop two mothers came on with their children in their pram’sand parked next to the empty pram.

We got chatting and I was happy to know that they also hate it when parents use up space on a bus with empty pram’s. I asked the ladies if I could take a picture of their children with the empty pram for my blog. They kindly said yes.


I then got on another bus and the first thing I saw was an empty pram.

It really drives me mad when parents use up space on buses with empty pram’s. Using up space makes it harder for those who need a space. Bus drivers do not get out of their seats to check whether or not a child is in a pram they just look back, which means if someone with a pram or even a wheel chair can not get on the bus.

I remember when Ethan was in a pram if he was out of the pram when we got on the bus. I folded up the pram and stored it away which meant another parent could get on the bus.I wish some parents could be a little more considerate.




One thought on “Empty Prams

  1. Beth

    Haha I’m sat on the bus reading this. When I used to take pushchairs on I’d make sure the kids stayed in them just so I didn’t have to leave them empty. You will sit in it whether you want to or not! It’s also much safer as they’re strapped in – but that’s another story!!



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