314288_10151213425555750_719216618_nThe darkness has strangled my life for too long now, it’s time the light shone through to show the world who I really am.1930723_53091275749_5491_n

The depth of hunger for a love not given kept me locked with a life of drink, drugs and an anger to keep the thirst of love away. 1923914_25396485749_2021_n

This vessel stomped through 47 years of an existence, bursting through the branches of the Deathly forest. 48246_10201034202711344_1692791701_o My mind corrupted by phantoms and ghouls and

10623998_10204797461241560_2901271656032304886_o  ghosts, memories of destruction guiding me to my death. 411247_10150874415768503_1990721909_o

The thoughts of  death defying leaps into challenges turning me into an exploding angry  819248_10200620943391224_2088122282_o volcano all because of what lies within.

Can I stop in time before I die to escape this torture and be like you or you but definitely not me.843845_10200620917790584_1612212723_o

There has to a moment when the minute glimmer of love my inner child 1931500_90540337138_859440_n  needs grows and becomes the woman I was meant to be.



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