Toothache part 3

Now you would think after two visits to the dentist the pain would have gone. OH NO its just the same. I had to make another appointment to see my dentist after the painkillers stopped working and the oralgel I bought from the chemist was not doing the job. Even though it numbed my gums and tongue it didn’t last long. You were suppose to use the gel four times a day. Erm NO I was using it literally every hour.

I wasn’t worried at seeing her as I thought she would just give me some antibiotics and send me on my way. Well that is what I thought and yet again I was wrong. I sat in the chair and out on my fashionable plastic clear glasses and closed my eyes.

All of a sudden I had a stinging pain which made me jolt. My dentist had explained that she needed to clean out the gaping hole because it was so deep food had lodged itself and that is what was causing my pain. It only took a few minutes and I thought it was over until I had the most disgusting taste in my mouth. She had lodged some padding into the wound and used clove antiseptic. I felt like gagging however my lovely dentist told me to swallow and not spit.

I thanked my dentist and hoped I wouldn’t see her again as I left the dentist I could tell I wasn’t going to make the bus stop without being sick and of course I was luckily enough the padding didn’t come out. It’s not the next day and the pain is slowly coming back but not as bad. Fingers crossed this is the end to my toothache.

I would have to say that this is the worst toothache I have had in my 47 years of bring on this earth. I can still taste the clove antiseptic which is off and is making all my food taste horrid. On that note I  am off to wash my mouth out with salt water.



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