Yesterday was a busy day and when I finally got home Stephen our community Pastor visited me and he took clothes to the charity shop that we could not use or pass on.

Ethan was on his Xbox playing some game or anything and he was getting really annoyed and frustrated because he kept losing connection. He burst into the lounge muttering something or another and when he left I sat on the little table, looked out the window and lit up a cigarette. He came back into the lounge and asked what I was doing so I said ” getting some peace”. He then went back into the lounge.

I could not take it anymore so I got on my mobility scooter and told him I was off to Tesco’s to buy some toilet roll.  When I got to the door Ethan was emotionally and it sounds stupid but I really felt bad for him because there was nothing I could do.

The air on my face was revitalising, the freshness woke me up and on my way I prayed that Ethan would fine some peace and that his Xbox would work and that he could finish off the heist he had been trying to complete with his friends. I drove slow and steady as I was I no rush to get home.

I got to Tesco’s and met my friend Jules just by chance we went for a cuppa at costa. It had been ages since we had seen each other and it was good to catch up. After our cuppa I proceeded to do some shopping just a small shop for essentials such as toilet roll.

On the way home I saw Mr Cods and thought that we both needed something to cheer us up so I brought some tasty burger and chips for me and dippers and chips for Ethan. Now I know what you could be thing right now. Ethan does not deserve a treat. I should not be eating burger and chips. I am fat enough already.

Maybe I just needed cheering up.

What comes up next melted my heart. When I eventually got home around 8.00p.m Ethan opened the door and he said how silly he felt for getting upset. over his game.  That it was not that important and that I was more important and the most important thing he said was “I’m sorry”. At that one moment I knew God listened to me and eased Ethan’s pain.


To many this may sound totally stupid but for me I understand. Ethan’s best friend Tom has been busy this week and Ethan does not go out with his friends or behave in a manner which is not appropriate. Ethan does not swear, steal, drink, smoke, lie or display bad behaviour. As a teenager he has his little mood swings and stomps around just like any other teenager. He does spend hours on his Xbox but then again he can spend hours reading his books or watching the television with me. He also helps with the housework and cares for me too.

To be honest I am quite fortunate to have my son and I am really proud of him just like any other mother.  We tell each other every day how much we love each other every day.




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