The last two days for me have been an emotional roller coaster especially after meeting a lady called Mary who is homeless she has a two year old son and is on the streets begging for money for nappies whilst her son is with his dad. All three are homeless and have valid reasons for moving down here.

We have managed to help he with some nappies and some food. They both have Celiac Disease which does not help their situation. She has been in touch with a few agencies who help the homeless but none were able to help her. Today when I saw her she managed to get a food parcel. At least we know they will be eating today.

If the residents of Reading and religious organisations

 can do such amazing work

then why can the government and local councils do more.

I also met Sergio who is now off the streets and has a job which he starts on Friday. Charlie is also off the streets and has a job to job however I do not think it is in Reading.

I never thought when I started Piaroo’s Wish Helping The homeless in Reading would be as amazing as it has been. With the help of my friend Aileen we have been able to get to help people nearly every Wednesday. We have had such an amazing response from the people of Reading. It makes me proud to live here. Our members have donated mountains of clothing, toiletries and food.

I have not felt this good in such a long time I feel like I want to SHOUT OUT but not sure what I want to say. I have such a burst of energy which is not just due to my little bottle of Lucozade but because of the members who want to help the homeless.

I should not say this but I have been quite teary today. Not from my usual bleak sadness but because of =

JOY                                               FRIENDSHIP                                   UNDERSTANDING


HOPE                    THOUGHTFULLNESS                          UNCONDITIONAL LOVE







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