Amazing Day Helping The Homeless

Today a lovely lady Sameena joined me to take out donations for the homeless in Reading.

I have to say it was truly amazing.  Sameena made pasta and her two boys baked cakes for the homeless. I had been given lots of clothing and toiletries and bought lots of sleeping bags too. All to be delivered weekly. The day was shining on us today and God was in my heart.

We met Sergio and I had not seen him in a few weeks. I was so happy when I did see him today. He had amazing news a lovely person had seen him on the streets and taken him in.  He currently has a room where he does not have to pay rent until he gets a job and thankfully he has a job to start this Friday in a kitchen. It was great that he has got the help he needs.

12140791_10154010422225750_5627472209358257106_nThis is Sergio with Sameena and her two lovely sons who helped out today and they did such an amazing job on the cakes.

We also met Mary a young lady and mother of a two year old son who is homeless with her partner. I am not going into detail for her safety. All I am going to say about it is, I am personally disgusted at how she has been treat by certain authorities. Mary has Celiac Disease and so does her son. People were very good at buying her food the only thing is she could not eat it so she would give it away to other homeless people. As a mother there was no way I could not give her extra help. We managed to get her help via Faith providing her with a food parcel and also with some gluten free food and nappies. This lady is amazing and she is out begging for napping and food for her son. All the time she is out begging she is not with her son and you can see it is breaking her heart. I pray that someone can give her and her family a roof over their heads.

Our cheeky chappie Charlie is also off the streets. An amazing man called Michael has put him up in a hotel brought him clothes and also helped him get a job. Charlie is another person who is so lovely but I have to say, I say that about all these guys. 12798867_10153898517970750_6073895861028286109_n

This is Charlie with Nicola. Nicola had baked cakes in February. Every time I saw him he would always say he could not wait until Nicola was baking again and coming out. He said. Nicola’s smile had made his day. I am glad we wont be seeing him on the streets anymore. It means he his safe and getting his together just like Sergio.

I am still buzzing from today and I know I am having a mania episode, especially in my head. I am doing cartwheels even though my body is shattered.

I can not thank people like Emma, Mandy, Sarah, Sameena, Lucy enough. The list is endless of all the help my friends are donating. One day it would be great to have no homeless. I know it is a pipe dream especially seeing as helping the homeless is not a priority and they are not doing as much as they should.

Organisations such as Faith, Readifood, Christian Community Action, Cirdic to name but a few are are doing what they can and they do a marvellous job.





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