Eggscellent Easter Giving

Today was a successful day of giving.

Piaroo’s Wish Helping The Homeless in Reading donated over 20 Easter Eggs and 30 Easter Nests. I felt so blessed to have so many wonderful generous members who are becoming another family.

I have to say I have so many families. I have my Blood Family, Church Family, Friends Family and now Piaroo’s Wish Family. I feel so loved at this precise moment that I am fighting back the tears.

I didn’t fight them back earlier today when I went out with the donations of eggs. I saw my usual guys who sell the Big Issue David and Jason and today I finally met Sharky. It was about time and bless him he did not look well. WE spoke a little, he told me how he had been unwell and had been resting for a long time. I gave him a Easter egg and some nests and he told me he loved my hair, which was nice to hear especially as it is bright orange lol.


Finally met Sharky

Went over to the Oracle to see who I could find and I met Geordie (Simon) who have having some healing and prayers. I waited patiently then gave him a huge hug and his egg. Chatted for a while and he told me that the people who do his script did it wrong so he would be with his meds until after the bank holiday. Now if you have ever done drugs then you will know how awful it is and how painful if you do not get your script. Made me a little mad as he was in a very bad way. All that keeps him going is his faith. Hopefully he will get some accommodation soon and be off the streets for good. I left Geordie with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.

Next I went to the George Hotel and met cheeky chappie Daniel for the first time.  He was in the Salvation Army in January but he did a silly thing and got banged up as he puts it, for three months. Now he is out and on the streets. He had a lovely smile. I asked him if he needed anything and he was like no I am okay. Like so many genuine people on the streets they are so very humble and do not ask for much. Sometimes you have to tease their needs out. Luckily Ann had donated some toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants and some baby wipes. His little face beamed when I gave them to him and he melted my heart. I then asked what else he needed and he was so coy about it. So I reeled off all the ways we at Piaroo’s Wish could help him with. So I finally left him and put out the feelers for a pair of size 8 footwear.


I did my rounds and met another newbie called Luke. He looked ever so young to be on the streets. Luke was very shy but I left him after a while with a list of items he needed too.


Once I had handed all the Easter eggs out I was finally ready for home. I sat on the bus trying to fight back the tears just wishing I had a massive house wear I could take these guys to. It was cold and raining and I knew the majority of my guys would be sleeping in a doorway somewhere. It is so hard not to be emotionally involved but I am and I just wish I could do more.

In this day and age we should not have so many people on the streets especially when there are buildings that can be renovated to house them.

Now its gone 11pm the sadness hits knowing They are out there trying to keep warma dn dry and most of all safe.








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