Mothers Prams Buses

I may get a few remarks being but this really gets my goat.

Ok I was on the bus today and it was the school rush hour before the work rush hour. I get on the bus with my trolley by the main library in town, when a mother gets on the bus with a little one in a pram. After she is settled another mother gets on with a pram and her little one. The bus is packed with people and children and as soon as the bus leaves the second lady takes her little one out of the pram and starts to cuddle her. Now I don’t mind mothers with prams, however what gets my goat is when the bus is jam packed and a mother takes up space with her empty pram.

I remember when Ethan was in his pram that either he stayed in his pram or I folded the pram away to make room for other people. I would not of minded if her little one was either crying, ill or unhappy, but the little one in question was all smiles.

Minor rant over and now you can all slate me for being so niggle some.



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