Last week I started having a niggling toothache which over the week got progressively worse. So I made an appointment hoping that I just needing a filling. Boy was I wrong!!!!
Anyway I am lying on the dentist’s chair getting an x-ray done on my top and bottom left teeth. The result was I had a crack on my lower back tooth and also had an infection on the roots of the tooth. Apparently the infection had been there a long time.

I had two choices given to me, have an extraction or come back next week and have a root canal. There was really no choice for me OUT I kind of yelled. There was no way I was going to take the pain any much longer

My dentist is a lovely woman and when she had done an extraction a few years ago I remember it went smoothly and I was pain free two days later. Yet again BOY was I wrong. I sat back and put on the plastic goggles and was given two anaesthetics however this didn’t quite numb my face so in she went with another injection whilst I tried so hard not to show my fear.
Whilst I waited for the anaesthetic to work we made small chit chat about going on holiday and how my son was doing. Ten minutes later I could not feel a thing and I felt like my face had swollen even more.
This is it I thought get ready and do not cry. So I gripped the handles of the chair, whilst my lovely dentist pulled and tugged to get my tooth out. I had to stop her twice as I thought she was ripping my jaw out and the pain in the right side of my face was throbbing . She carried on when I was ready and after a few more pulls YES it came out I thought. Once again I was wrong. The crown of the tooth came out and the roots were still attached to the gum.
This is not going the way I thought it was suppose to go. The next bit was even worse if you can believe it. She had to drill and then she tried three times to get the roots out but they were firmly attached and did not budge.
The dentist gave me some tissues as I had tears falling down my cheeks and I was shaking and in shock. Bless my dentist as she said it was a difficult extraction to me. ERM I know I was there too.
The whole ordeal took over an hour and I was physically exhausted. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics and a leaflet to tell me about the aftercare. She said she was going to send a letter to the hospital so they could see me and hopefully they would not take too long because I have diabetes.
I thanked my dentist and then sat in the waiting room until my body stopped shaking. I gathered my thoughts and slowly made my way to the chemist to get my antibiotics. Once home it took the whole day for the numbness to wear off and the full extent of the pain to appear.
This all happened on Wednesday and I am still in lots of pain. Luckily the swelling has gone done and the painkillers are helping to take the edge off.

I have some advice for everyone. If you get a niggling pain with your teeth then go straight to the dentist, If you get any pain in you jaw then get to the dentist. If in doubt go to the dentist.
I will leave you with these parting words. If in doubt go to the DENTIST!!!!!


2 thoughts on “TOOTHACHE

    1. CatNAP555 Post author

      Thank You Beth.
      I hope your having a lovely Mother’s Day.
      I am still in a lot of pain and have spent most of today asleep but my son made me breakfast and we have been watching telly together.

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